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"...see the men who have shaped the destiny of the world. Security was never theirs, but they lived rather than existed."

-Hunter S. Thompson


Azuma Makoto sends flowers to space in his latest installation piece, Exobiotanica.

fuck everything is looking so good right now. life isn’t real


Finally finished these.  The second one hasn’t changed much since last time.

 Hillary Clinton speaking at Simmons Leadership Conference (via femininefreak)


(via unforgettabledetritus)


Vernissage, Citizen K Spring 2006. Kids channelling Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Edie Sedgwick.

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Without You by Spooky Black

December can’t come fast enough. I literally cannot wait for the day where I sell all of my shit, pack myself up and go to San Fran for good. five more months in this hell hole feels like forever to wait but I know it’ll come up so fast. five months to save. five month to cut ties. five months until the beginning of something amazing.

You can tell a lot about someone from how intensely they get into Bohemian Rhapsody




Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail

This is beautiful.

The waterlily studio at Claude Monet’s home at Giverny.

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